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Add a Tax Rate

Add 15% tax to a price
1. Select the Add Tax Calculator tab
Whats the Sales Tax
2. Click the Price($) box and insert Pricing, and then the Tax Percentage you want added
Whats the Sales Tax
3. Pricing with Tax revealed! All calculations, formulas and pricing shown – hide keyboard if desired
Whats the Sales Tax

Calculate the Original pricing

Find out what the pricing was before-tax was added
1. Repeat the same steps as the Add Tax Calculator above. Simply, insert the Pricing and Tax Percentage you want to deduct to reveal the original pricing.
Whats the Sales Tax

State Sales Tax Map

Find out what the tax is in each state.
Select the Tax Rates Map tab to access the State Sales Tax map. The map illustrates a generic overview of the tax rates that each state uses, but for a more exact figure, scroll down and find it on the table provided.
Whats the Sales Tax

States Sales Tax Information

Find out the Local Tax Rates
Select the Information tab to read more about the Sales Tax in the US. Scroll down to view a table with Local and State Tax Rates.
Whats the Sales Tax


State Sales Tax

Sales taxes are imposed by state and local governments on the sale of goods and services. Depending on where your business is located, different goods and services may or may not be taxed. Some cities may not impose sales taxes on grocery items, for example. In general, whether the customer realizes it or not, most businesses must pay sales taxes on their gross receipts.

Sales taxes are imposed on the total amount of money a business takes in. No deductions are allowed for the cost of the goods or services to the business. If your business sells snacks through vending machines, the sales tax is imposed on the entire amount of money received from the vending machines. You do not get to deduct the amount you spent on the snacks that you put into the machines, the cost of owning and maintaining the machines, or any other business expenses. That is why sales taxes are also referred to as gross receipts taxes. They are a tax on the amount of gross receipts that your business takes in.

Key points: 1. 45 states collect statewide sales taxes
2. Sales tax rates differ by state, but sales tax bases also impact how much revenue is collected from a tax and how the tax affects the economy
3. Differences in sales tax rates cause consumers to shop across borders or buy products online.

Use Tax

The sales tax is imposed on retail transactions. It applies to all retail sales of tangible personal property, and in some states services, in the state. The use tax is imposed on consumers of tangible personal property that is used, consumed, or stored in this state. Consumer’s use tax applies to purchases from out-of-state vendors that are not required to collect tax on their sales. Sales and Use tax generally applies to most leases of tangible personal property. The sales tax and the use tax are "mutually exclusive", which means either sales tax or use tax applies to a single transaction, but not both.


You are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to a jurisdiction if you have established substantial presence in the state of delivery. This substantial presence is referred to as nexus.


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