Whats the Sales Tax? USA

Calculate the Sales Tax in USA

Add a Tax Rate

1. Select the Add Tax Calculator tab
Sales Tax USA iPhone 2018

2. Click the Price($) box and insert Pricing, and then the Tax Percentage you want added
Sales Tax USA iPhone 2018

New pricing revealed! All calculations, formulas and pricing shown – hide keyboard if desired
Sales Tax USA iPhone 2018

Calculate the Original pricing

Find out what the pricing was before-tax was added

Repeat the same steps as the Add Tax Calculator above. Simply, insert the Pricing and Tax Percentage you want to deduct to reveal the original pricing.
Sales Tax USA iPhone 2018

State Sales Tax Map

Select the Tax Rates Map tab to access the State Sales Tax map. The map illustrates a generic overview of the tax rates that each state uses, but for a more exact figure, scroll down and find it on the table provided.
Sales Tax USA iPhone 2018

States Sales Tax Information

Select the Information tab to read more about the Sales Tax in the US. Scroll down to view a table with Local and State Tax Rates.
Sales Tax USA iPhone 2018