Convert income into hourly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually

Annual Income Example

1. Click the CALCULATE MY PAY button
Payday iPhone 2018

2. Select the Annual Income tab
Payday iPhone 2018

3. Click and insert your income with(1) OR without Superannuation(2) and if desired, change the hours/week(3) and Superannuation Rate(4)
Payday iPhone 2018

4. Click the HIDE KEYBOARD button to hide the numberpad
Payday iPhone 2018

Income converted! Scroll down to view your income converted to Annual, Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly and Hourly segments - with and without Superannuation.
Payday iPhone 2018

Click MENU to go back to the main menu
Payday iPhone 2018

Repeat steps above for:

• Hourly
• Weekly
• Fortnightly
• Monthly
and Annual Calculators